MAY 03, 2011

What makes a blog powerful

Simply having and writing a blog is not that impressive nowadays, because everyone can have one and most of people actually do. But being a successful blogger and online entrepreneur is something quite different and actually hard to achieve. Having a powerful blog can mean a whole variety of things, depending on what you think is powerful. But in the main sense of the word, power is influence and by having a powerful blog, the main though is to be able to influence quite a few people with what you post there.

How to make your blog successful?

Originality is actually all it takes, besides quality, to make your blog stand out. If you manage to achieve that, then you will need only a short period of time until your blog gets super famous and popular. But still, being able to write such a blog and come up with all the stories, pictures and everything that you do, takes up a lot of creativity. That is why you should never monetize it too much and still keep it a hobby, even thing it is livelihood.

Brining in new people and collaborators was for most bloggers the key point of their career, because that is when their blog gets famous. But involving other people can be quite risky, because the audience likes to know who the writer is and to have in mind that everything is written by the same person. However, don't be afraid to change things and spice everything up from time to time. Think of new ideas all the time, and never settle with how things already are, but always try to improve and make it better. That is how the world works and since people get bored by things quite fast, you shouldn't wait too long between your posts.


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